Materials Services: Project Quality

All services provided to our valued clients are conducted by or under the direction of a GEM Project Manager.  All Project Mangers are graduate engineers or professionals with accredited related science or technical degrees. The Project Manager is responsible for implementing the scope of services provided by GEM and communicating with the client to make sure that we understand the client’s needs, constraints and issues. The Project Manager tracks quality, execution, and budget to achieve, or in many cases exceed, the client’s expectations. Quality in all our projects is monitored by a project assigned Senior Engineer and our Chief Engineer.  GEM’s commitment to quality extends to our field and laboratory staff who are trained and certified in a broad spectrum of technical disciplines. Field technicians provide construction materials testing, detailed documentation of construction monitoring of on-site operations, and confirmation of specification compliance. Laboratory technicians provide accurate, timely analyses conducted in conformance with applicable standards and specifications, and verified through a rigorous quality assurance program. GEM’s materials testing laboratory and field testing capabilities enable our professionals to efficiently employ appropriate methods for evaluating construction materials. Based on years of in-depth experience, our personnel provide prompt, accurate reports of tests results, field observations and practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field, considering both cost and technical implications.