Materials Services: Laboratory Services


GEM provides comprehensive laboratory testing services for a variety of materials including: soil, rock, aggregate, amended soil, strength materials (CLSM), Portland cement concrete, mortar, grout, masonry, asphalt, and wood. GEM determines the physical and mechanical properties of materials for site characterization, geotechnical design, quality control and performance assessment purposes. Our complete in-house laboratory is staffed by experienced, senior level technicians and supervised by a Registered Professional Engineer.

All equipment is maintained in excellent working condition, calibrated annually, and documented to meet specified dimensions or operating parameters using methods traceable to The National Institute of Standards and Technology. GEM procedures are designed to follow ASTM, AASHTO, United States Army Corps of Engineers and other standards. Testing is conducted in controlled temperature and humidity spaces as specified by international standards. Copies of current relevant standards are maintained in our library for reference during testing, equipment maintenance, test report preparation and training. At the same time, we have the flexibility, experience and know-how to customize equipment and procedures to test your unusual or unique sample. Our facility houses load frame and test stands used for testing signage, roof anchors, welding qualification coupons and many other materials or products.  We have established relationships with other laboratories that perform chemical, dynamic and special materials analysis, making GEM a single source for all your physical and analytical testing needs.