Materials Services: Forensic Services

Forensic services assess why structural systems, earth structures, pavements, construction materials or other materials have not performed in the manner expected or why failures occurred.  GEM engineers have many years of materials testing, engineering and construction experience in a broad spectrum of disciplines, construction procedures and material types.  These resources are invaluable when assessing why materials have not performed in the manner expected or failures occur.

GEM has conducted forensic studies to address concerns of embrittlement, corrosion, vapor transmission, leakage, frost heave, expansive materials, thermal effects, material incompatibility, decay and other issues. Our analyses may include scale model or in-place load testing, non-destructive testing methods, chemical or material properties tests, microscopic examination, moisture surveys, or other means of confirming the source and manner of failure or disproving an undesired reported fault.

Often forensic services require expertise in multiple disciplines.  Our network of consulting partners utilize their specialized knowledge and experience to evaluate conditions from multiple perspectives, and typically submit findings to review by senior consultants to expose alternate interpretations or conclusions. By exposing our results to vigorous review from our own experts, we strive to provide the best interpretation, not the obvious or easiest solution. Our clients need and appreciate this level of capablity and focus when forensics are required.