Materials Services: Construction Field Testing

Field testing services are provided in accordance with standards in effect which include ASTM, AASHTO, building codes, local building authority, and the approved project documents. Testing capabilities in the field include earthwork, concrete and aggregate, resteel, asphalt, structural steel, masonry, and fireproofing. Our equipment is operated by a staff of well-trained technicians, many of whom are NICET or ACI certified. Professional engineers oversee the quality and performance of our materials testing services. Mobile laboratories are available for large scale and/or remote projects.

  • Earthwork – We can perform density tests by nuclear gauge methods on fill materials for building pads, parking areas and roadways, and utility excavations which provide quick test results that can determine the need for moisture adjustment and also provide alternatives in construction equipment use & procedures
  • Foundation Bearing Evaluations – We evaluate most footing excavations by way of dynamic cone penetrometer equipment (E-rods) for compliance with the approved geotechnical soils report for the project while utilizing our professional engineering staff to provide timely remedial recommendations when necessary.
  • Concrete Our services involve sampling fresh concrete for slump, air content, unit weight and yield, temperature; casting compressive strength specimens for a variety of concrete mixes (normal wt., light wt, heavy wt., controlled low strength); casting beams for flexural strength; and obtaining core specimens for strength evaluation.
  • Floor Flatness/Levelness – We determine FF/FL values of freshly poured slabs and existing floors with expertise in the evaluation of results for remedial measures.
  • Steel Reinforcement – Our services involve checking for proper size, location, lapping, clearance, and alignment.
  • Masonry –These services involve checking for proper horizontal/vertical reinforcement, sampling mortar and grout for strength, and obtaining masonry units for laboratory compressive strength and physical property testing and verification.
  • Asphalt – We perform density testing during asphalt placement for compaction requirements, obtain bulk samples in the field for mix verification by way of laboratory testing, obtain core specimens of in-place asphalt for density and thickness verification.
  • Structural Steel –  Our services involve fabrication shop inspections, visual inspection of fillet welds for bar joists, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing, inspection of bolted connections utilizing calibrated torque wrenches and a Skidmore Wilhelm bolt tension device, verification of screw patterns in metal decking, shear (Nelson) stud and anchor bolt testing, and welder qualification coupons.
  • Sprayed-on-Fireproofing – Our services involve checking for proper thickness and density, as well as cohesion/adhesion testing of in-place material.
  • Other Construction Materials – wood tests, load testing of in-place structural elements, stucco & EIFS and geosynthetics.