Materials Services account for the largest share of GEM’s business. We establish priorities that address the important construction material issues for each project.

Project quality is maintained with a variety of control measures. We provide prompt, accurate reports of test results, field observations and practical solutions to critical issues encountered in the field, considering both cost and technical implications.

Materials services provided by GEM include:

Construction Engineering & Monitoring by an experienced engineer or technician helps detect construction materials problems, identify inappropriate construction methods, and assess future performance of constructed components. Many designs and remediation methods must be modified in the field based on observed conditions unique to each situation or not readily identifiable by prior exploration.
Construction Field Testing of materials at the fabrication shop, delivered to the site, or processed at the site provides confirmation of compliance with project specification and code requirements. Soil, concrete, asphalt, steel, grout, mortar, aggregates, and other materials are either tested at the site using field test methods or sampled at the site for later testing in the laboratory.
Special Inspections are required by building codes for soil, foundations, concrete, masonry, wall panels, structural steel, steel decking, wood, EIFS, fire proofing, firestop systems, and other components and systems based on building code requirements. The required level of inspection depends on the characteristics of the structure, seismic exposure, and public safe considerations.
Structural Steel/Metals Services check that connections meet design requirements. GEM in partnership with ATS utilizes certified technicians to evaluate bolted connections visually (load indicator washers, twist-off spline or turn-of-the-nut methods) or with a calibrated torque wrench using a Skidmore Wilhelm device. Welded connections are evaluated with visual, ultrasonic (UT), magnetic particle, dye penetrant or radiographic methods.
Forensic Services assess why structural systems, earth structures, pavements, construction materials or other materials have not performed in the manner expected or why failures occurred. The broad range of experience of GEM professional combined with our full range of field and laboratory testing services allow GEM to conduct effective, evidence based forensic assessments when problems arise.
Laboratory Testing determines important physical properties of construction materials.  GEM has an in-house laboratory for soils, materials and product testing to determine important physical properties of construction and earth materials including: strength, compaction, deformation, compressibility, and dynamic response.  Our testing capabilities range from common materials (e.g. concrete specimens) to special materials such as  signage, roof anchors, weld qualification coupons and many other materials.

Materials services provided by GEM are characterized by:

  • Emphasis on safety on every job. Our goal is no job related injuries to our personnel.
  • Engineering involvement from design through construction to enhance communication and implementation of key recommendations.
  • Continuous training to keep our staff knowledgeable about current construction materials and methods.
  • Cross-training of personnel in various areas of construction testing and monitoring to allow for rapid and effective response to client needs.
  • An extensive inventory of testing and monitoring equipment.
  • Direct mobile communication with all field personnel to reduce response time, enable rapid reporting of important results, and facilitate immediate modification of field operations based on client request or test results.
  • Continuity of staffing on full-time and on-call projects to utilize the value of prior knowledge of site conditions and project requirements.
  • Proven expertise in evaluating construction materials and subsurface conditions to identify, understand and solve problems with soil and rock strata, groundwater, fill compaction, subsurface anomalies, concrete, masonry and steel components.
  • Technically sound, concise, typed field and test reports formatted to enhance ease of understanding and efficient transfer of information, including tracking outstanding issues from prior site visits.
  • Prompt review and transmittal of field and test reports to designated members of the construction team via email, fax, internet, or mail.

Although construction materials services represents only a small fraction of the total project budget, they enhance project quality and reduce the risk for problems including: project delay; change order cost; repair cost; long-term building maintenance cost; aesthetic or structural building damage; and litigation. Construction Materials Services from GEM Engineering are an investment in project performance.