Geotechnical: Failure Investigations

GEM has a proven track record for evaluating structural distress, slope failures or other situations where damage to facilities has been attributed to subsurface conditions and/or foundation problems. Our approach generally includes an initial site evaluation, from which we identify an appropriate scope of services to evaluate the likely cause(s) of the distress. The evaluation could include the following:

  • Research into the history of the failure
  • Research into the history of facility and site
  • Review of expected geologic conditions
  • Review of construction plans and specifications
  • Review of available subsurface information
  • Detailed mapping, surveying and photography
  • Sampling, testing, evaluation of subsurface materials
  • Sampling, testing, evaluation of structural materials
  • Installation and monitoring of instrumentation to measure selected responses including: crack propagation; vibrations; horizontal/vertical soil movement; horizontal/vertical movements or tilt of the structure; moisture, etc.
  • Engineering evaluation of the encountered conditions and subsurface-structure interactions • Report of findings, conclusions regarding potential cause(s) of distress, stabilization/repair recommendations