Geotechnical: Analysis & Evaluation
image2Geotechnical engineers analyze and evaluate the information from the subsurface exploration and formulate a model of the soil and rock conditions. This model allows predictions of subsurface behavior and interactions between structures and the subsurface to be made. Some behaviors and properties that commonly are modeled include:
  • Bearing capacity
  • Uplift
  • Lateral responses
  • Seismic dynamic responses
  • Seepage
  • Slope stability
  • Settlement
  • Swell / collapse
  • Stress / strain
  • Machine vibration responses
  • Liquifaction
  • Sinkhole collapse


The skills of the geotechnical engineer to analyze and evaluate subsurface information are used in a number of different situations including:
  • logoPlanning and design phase geotechnical studies for new structures
  • Plan and specification review for new construction to verify that the geotechnical aspects of the design have been properly translated into the contract documents.
  • Assessment of differing subsurface condition claims during construction.
  • Expert witness services to attorneys for litigation involving geotechnical issues.
  • Forensic evaluation of structures involving damage related to subsurface conditions.
  • Mineral reserve studies.
  • Pre-condition surveys prior to blasting, demolition or other significant disturbance.
Specific types of analysis and evaluation provided by GEM Engineering, Inc. include:
  • Site selection studies
  • Design phase studies
  • Slope stability analyses
  • Expansive soil and rock
  • Seepage and groundwater
  • Failure investigations
  • Bearing capacity analysis
  • Lateral earth pressure analysis
  • Infiltration analysis
  • Pre-construction condition surveys
  • Vibration monitoring and evaluation
  • Constructibility reviews
  • River bank erosion
  • Feasibility studies
  • Dam safety inspections
  • Landslide evaluations
  • Collapsing and settling soil materials
  • Post-construction performance evaluations
  • Evaluation of borrow sources
  • Settlement analysis and evaluations
  • Sinkhole and karst evaluations
  • Dewatering analysis
  • Blast monitoring and evaluations
  • Value engineering
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Pre-condition surveys
The selection of a knowledgeable geotechnical consultant who can effectively analyze and evaluate subsurface information and develop a reliable subsurface model is invaluable for any project involving ground conditions. The cost of a reliable and accurate geotechnical analysis and evaluation is an investment in project performance.