Environmental Services

Environmental Services aid our clients in meeting a multitude of overlapping (and sometimes conflicting) federal, state, and local permitting and compliance requirements, and environmental concerns. GEM environmental professionals have the technical skills and regulatory knowledge to develop innovative solutions to complex environmental issues and concerns. GEM provides Phase I and II Site Assessments to identify, assess and document potential soil and groundwater risks, impacts and routes of migration associated with contaminants.






The primary focus of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (PESA) is to evaluate potential environmental concerns at a property typically prior to a real estate transaction.  A PESA generally includes visual observations, interviews, and records review with no physical sampling of site soil or water.



A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment may be required upon the release or suspected release of a regulated substance, or if indicated by conditions disclosed in a PESA.  These additional assessments generally involve soil/groundwater sampling, field screening, and laboratory analytical testing.  The primary objective is to confirm the presence of contaminants and evaluate the horizontal and vertical extent of contamination.

Environmental services provided by GEM are characterized by:

  • High quality and cost effective solutions to difficult problems based on client needs, site conditions and regulatory mandates.
  • All technical services provided by engineers and geologists with proven expertise in identification of environmental concerns, knowledge of regulations & remediation technology.
  • An engineering heritage that fosters a detail oriented, multi-faceted analytical approach to characterization and resolution of environmental issues.
  • Ethical business behavior & personal integrity  so that our clients can rely on and trust our findings &  solutions.