Geotechnical Project Summary

Project Name: University of Louisville Baseball Stadium
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
Facility Type: Institutional / Recreational
GEM Services: Geotechnical Engineering
Environmental Assessment

Project Description:

GEM provided geotechnical engineering services for planning and design of the new Jim Patterson Stadium at the University of Louisville. The site formerly was occupied by an industrial facility that had been demolished for construction of parking areas that covered most of the site when design began.
A large stockpile of fill material was present as was a railroad track. Environmental concerns related to past site use were addressed by GEM as a separate project. The primary geotechnical design issues included: deep foundation design; support of canopy columns with high uplift (100 kips) uplift and lateral (50 kips) loading; seismic site class determination; support of lightly loaded elements on shallow foundations underlain by uncontrolled fill and soft clays; site preparation for the new ball field and parking areas in areas underlain by numerous old utilities, foundations, etc.; and evaluation of the existing fill stockpile. GEM developed design recommendations for auger cast pile deep foundations for the heavily loaded components and for shallow foundations supporting lightly loaded components. Criteria were formulated to allow selective re-use of the much of the stockpiled fill. Subgrade preparation and stabilization recommendations were developed for the field and pavement areas.

University of Louisville Baseball Stadium