Environmental Project Summary

Project Name: Convenient Store
Location: Louisville (Jefferson County), Kentucky
Facility Type: Commercial
GEM Services: Assessment
Tank Management
Project Description: Conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment for a convenient store facility.  Based on the results of the Phase I, a Site Check (Phase II ESA) of the facility UST system was conducted.  The tank system consisted of three 10,000-gallon gasoline tanks, approximately 120 feet of product piping, and ancillary equipment (ex. dispensers, fill ports, spill buckets, etc.).  The Site Check included the advancement of soil borings using a truck-mounted Geoprobe™, continuous soil sampling, and utility survey.  As a result of the Site Check, the three USTs were permanently closed by removal.  The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection issued a “closure letter” requiring no further action with regards to the UST system.