About Us: Values


GEM was founded by people who have dedicated their lives to learning and practicing the art and science of engineering. We continue to be people who love our profession and gain satisfaction from using our knowledge and efforts to help our clients. The people of GEM are selected, trained and supported in recognition that this attitude is the key to our success. We define success in terms of satisfied clients and satisfied employees. We measure success by the continuing and growing relationships we have with clients spanning years to decades and by a growing staff who share this vision.


Satisfying our clients requires that we understand and address the issues of greatest concern to them, recognizing that their perceptions define the quality of our service. To meet the needs of our clients we must possess a high level of technical knowledge, execute analyses efficiently, develop effective solutions, and communicate those solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. We take great pride and satisfaction in the quality of our work, the accomplishments of our employees, the success of our business, and the expressed appreciation of our clients. Relying on these principles makes GEM a sound investment in project performance.


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