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Our staff includes Registered Professional Engineers, Engineers-In-Training, Professional Geologists, Graduate Geologists, Engineering Technicians, and support staff. Our technical personnel are registered in the following states:


accomplishments Our staff has a broad base of technical education and experience with strong capabilities to directly execute and control field exploration, construction testing, site assessment, remediation, laboratory testing, and report preparation. Our staff members regularly attend continuing education seminars, technical training courses, and conferences. Our project managers and professionals are affiliated with relevant professional organizations. Our personnel utilize state-of-the-art design and subsurface modeling tools to better develop solutions to difficult problems. Computer report generation and drafting systems are used to present our findings.
Jeremy Hudson, P.E.
Project Engineer

Mr. Hudson has experience involving geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing as well as experience involving environmental services and building sciences. Mr. Hudson has geotechnical and materials testing experience in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. He has been involved in environmental and building science projects in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and Oklahoma. His emphasis is in geotechnical engineering and building sciences, including initial subsurface investigations through specific engineered solutions for construction related problems under construction and on operational facilities.
Robert B. Peck
Senior Project Manager

Mr. Peck is a Senior Project Manager for the GEM Construction Materials Testing (CMT) / Engineering Department. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville Speed School with over 33 years of experience as a Construction Materials Inspector, Testing Laboratory Supervisor, Project Engineer, and CMT Department Manager. He has vast experience in laboratory and field testing of soils, concrete, masonry, and asphalt; field testing of soils, shallow and deep foundations  (caissons, H-piles, auger cast piles, micro piles); subgrade stabilization evaluations; visual welded & bolted connections;  concrete and asphalt failure evaluations; masonry grouting observations and testing; and roofing installation. He is a past President of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) KY Chapter and an LG&E Contractor “Passport Program” Safety Trainer.

Michael C. Ronayne, P.E.
Vice President, Senior Engineer, Safety Coordinator, Radiation Safety Officer

Mr. Ronayne is a Geotechnical Engineer with more than 30 years of consulting experience involving many engineering projects in Kentucky, Indiana and surrounding states. He is well versed in the soil, bedrock and groundwater conditions that affect construction in this region. He has special expertise for projects karst limestone terrain and in the lake-bed, river deposited, and glacial materials that can pose special construction problems in this region. His experience includes most geotechnical and construction aspects of commercial, manufacturing, educational, institutional, private and municipal building sites and other structures such as bridges, tanks, treatment plants, towers, and dams.
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Samantha Schardein, P.E.
Assistant Vice-President, Senior Engineer, Engineering Services Manager

Ms. Schardein is a graduate of the University of Louisville and has over 22 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, including foundation design, site preparation, slope stability design and remediation, dam design and remediation, pre-blast surveys, shoring design, injection wells, forensic studies, load testing, and more. Her projects have included most facility/structure types, including schools, manufacturing and industrial facilities, undeveloped property, office and industrial parks, water tanks, churches, apartment buildings, landfills, government buildings, residential developments, hotels, parks, cell towers, bridges, banks, shopping malls, retail centers, and parking garages. She also is experienced with many aspects of environmental engineering.
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G. T. (Jerry) Vandevelde, P.E.
President, Chief Engineer

Mr. Vandevelde is a licensed Professional Engineer in 4 states and has over 38 years of experience with both international consulting firms and smaller regional firms. He has extensive experience in many facets of geotechnical engineering, environmental services,  materials testing and forensic analysis, (including wood, metals, masonry, refractory material, plastics, carpeting, and many others). Geotechnical projects have included slope stability analysis, dam design, landfill design, geophysical methods, field instrumentation, failure analysis, various forms of deep foundations, and other geotechnical or materials concerns
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