About Us: GEM Advantage
The GEM Advantage includes the ways we approach every project and every service we provide to our clients. The GEM Advantage is measured by the continuing and growing relationships we have with clients spanning years to decades and by a growing staff who share this vision. The GEM Advantage includes:

  • Emphasis on safety on every job. Our goal is for no job related injuries to our personnel and for GEM to enhance the safety performance of every project and site on which we work.
  • An engineering heritage that fosters a detail oriented, multi-faceted analytical approach to problem characterization and resolution in all of our service areas.
  • Engineering involvement and continuity of personnel during all project phases to enhance communication and implementation of key recommendations.
  • An unmatched combination of technical capability, understanding of the local and regional subsurface conditions, and knowledge of codes, regulations and other standards.
  • Ethical business behavior & personal integrity so that our clients can rely on and trust our findings & solutions.
  • Technically sound, concise reports, formatted ease of understanding, clarity of recommendation, and efficient transfer of information including tracking of outstanding issues.
  • Prompt review and transmittal of reports to designated project team members via email, fax, internet, or mail.
  • Direct mobile communication with all field personnel to reduce response time, enable rapid reporting of important results, and facilitate immediate modification of field operations based on client request or test results.
  • Frequent training to keep our staff knowledgeable about current safety and technical requirements, materials, methods, and regulations.
  • Cross-training of personnel to allow for rapid and effective response to client needs.
  • An extensive inventory of testing and monitoring equipment.These advantages make GEM a strong investment in project performance.


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